The Collen Mashawana Foundation is an African based NGO founded by Collen Mashawana who is also the Chairman and founder of Afribiz Invest. He is a passionate philanthropist who has a passion for building communities and contributing towards a better society. Collen Mashawana lives his passion by not only donating his time and resources to various charitable causes, but he also encourages others to do the same and aims to lead by example. He firmly believes in the culture of giving back and The Collen Mashawana Foundation was specifically established to create a vehicle for reaching out to as many young people as possible.

The primary goal of the foundation is creating employment for the youth, as we believe that an empowered youth can lead to intergenerational equity and democracy. We have found that poverty is a key underlining factor for an uneducated youth which contributes to young people’s vulnerabilities and enticement to dropping out of school. The consequence of this is a society that does not have a meaningful participation in its own economy.For this reason, our aim is to mobilize social cohesion and assist with the eradication of poverty. We strongly believe that the responsibility to build our nation is not solely on government, but if we work together we can achieve more.

“The ultimate aim of witnessing a society of change-makers and value creators within our country is perfectly possible as the harvest is great and there are many willing hands.

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