House appeal


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In March 2019 we had the privilege of meeting Mme and Ntate Nyathikazi in Hammanskraal. The lovely couple were not born disabled, Mme Nyathikazi had a stroke which left her right side paralyzed whilst Mr NyatnikazI has diabetes and had his right leg amputated. 

They live alone and have no children. The house they were staying in was dilapidated with cracked walls in each room, broken windows and doors and a leaking roof. 

We completely demolished the Nyatikazi family’s old house and re-buit them a new home that caters for a family living with disability. The new 90sqs house has 4 bedrooms, dining room, separate bathroom and toilet, lounge and a garage. The house was handed over fully furnished with a solar geyser, electricity and water.