House appeal


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A request from AECI to help a 65 year old MamuNomakhwezi Shotana. The Collen Mashawana visited KwaNontshinga kuCentane the Shotana family of 9. Nomakhwezi has 8 children of her own of the 8, 3 passed away. The first born Phelisa was hit by a car , Athule mysteriously tripped and collapsed at work and then Sbongiseni was stabbed on his way back home. She now has 3 grandchildren between the ages of 9,10 and 11 whose parents passed away, the children are not getting any foster care grant and we managed to get social workers to assist with documentation and getting them grant. Her other 5 sons sleep at the neighbors because there isn’t enough space for all of them , some sleep on the floor and the house leaks and gets flooded when it rains. Nomakhwezi puts her clothes against the wall to cover wholes on the wall so the wind doesn’t come in. She lost her husband more than 20 years ago . CMF is in Partnership with AECI as the AECI will be donating a borehole to the community and provide food security for all.