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Mavis Rhade and Johannes Sello are a couple from Tsakane in Ekurhuleni who have been together for 41 years. The Collen Mashawana Foundation gifted the couple with a new and fully furnished home, which is a far cry from the extremely harsh conditions they’ve lived under over the years. Johannes suffered a stroke which led to the paralysis of his right side. The dilapidated shack they lived in often got flooded during heavy rain and the only way to empty the water was for Mavis to put on boots and use buckets to drain the water in her plight to protect her husband. When we promised to build them a new home within 8 weeks, the couple was in disbelief and it was their tears of gratitude that motivated us to prioritise the building of their new home. The Afribiz team managed to complete the house in 6 weeks and through this project we’ve learnt that not only does love always win, but faith can indeed shun away the most difficult of circumstances. We hope this new chapter brings more tears of joy and happy memories for this extraordinary couple.