1st September 2022

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The Collen Mashawana Foundation is proud to continue providing critical support to the Phuthadichaba Community in Alexandra. As part of our annual birthday celebration of our Chairman and Founder, Mr.Collen Mashawana, we will visit Phuthadichaba Community Centre in Alexandra Township .

The centre was founded by the local Alexandra philanthropist and legend Mr.Linda Twala in the 1960’s, providing care and food for the elderly in the community. It serves as a safe haven and a resource for the poor and vulnerable in Alexandra and has over the years evolved from a tin clinic to an established satellite clinic, a library, community hall, indoor sports centre, soup kitchen, and the future centre of excellence. They also have an aftercare centre for school children to do their homework, a library, computer lab and a nursery school.

The Foundation aims to make a difference to the resource centre and the dedicated, hardworking staff that looks after it by capacitating it with the requested needs of the community it serves. We believe in a cooperative approach in alleviating the plight of our communities and see the People as the heart of every successful effort.

We will be donating food parcels and essentials followed by the cutting of the cake for the Chairman. We are pleased to continue to support the Centre and its community members and have every intention of ensuring that the Centre is valued and protected for years to come.