Our Approach


Our blue sky ideas usually begin with big picture thinking to set the foundations.


An audit to understand your brand, your competition, and how to cut through the noise of a crowded industry.


Spark innovation to brainstorm solutions

Ideation & Development

This phase is all about transforming your vision into reality. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, we explore innovative tech solutions that perfectly align with your sustainability goals. ClimaCo's team of experts will guide you in evaluating potential solutions and selecting the most impactful approach for your startup.




Teaming up with other NGOs/NPOs who are in the health industry to ensure safe water and sanitation. We also partner with Businesses in assisting people living with disabilities where possible, thereby creating social inclusion for all.


We aim to eradicate poverty by providing the basic essential needs that will allow meaningful participation in the economy by all citizens.


Eradicating housing issues by servicing those who have limitations and are unable to earn a decent living.