“Today we gave them keys to a fully furnished 4 bedroom house which has a separate dining room, lounge, kitchen, tiles, ceiling, electricity and water. We have further committed to help some of the family members to get work so they can support the family.”

Collen Mashawana

Chairman of  The Collen Mashawana Foundation

DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT - On-going work with the department was done with more added activities, in the main, the implementation of the case management programme was primarily done through the community-facility collaborations.


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, supporting our local communities has become essential during these challenging times. As most have been asked to stay home, the Collen Mashawana Foundation has been reaching out to the elderly, child-headed homes and people living with a disability to assist where possible. Nationwide, our team has forged ahead to safely connect and offer assistance to those who were most affected by the pandemic. We believe that building a community and taking care of the most vulnerable is an essential part of everyday existence. Having a roof over your head not only contributes to health benefits, but also instils a sense of purpose and provides the basic human need for safety. Through our house appeal initiatives we have managed to provide 100s of people with safe shelter and have also gone further to donate essentials and food parcels where required.

These people have not only become beneficiaries of these initiatives, but have also become our family where we continue to check on their wellbeing and to assist where possible. Our team has gone back to the families that have been assisted to check whether the houses that have been built are still in good condition and ensuring that their wellbeing is sustained. As a Foundation we believe that helping those who are in need should not only be a once-off endevour, but that it should be a journey whereby all our resources are invested in the upkeep and wellbeing of our beneficiaries. 




With an estimated 20% of urban households residing in informal settlements, South Africa continues to face serious challenges with adequate and affordable housing for much of the low-income population, despite decades of comprehensive government subsidised housing delivery. A myriad of factors has led to a housing shortage of approximately 3.7 million, which is estimated to be growing at 178 000 annually.

To create collaborative efforts between individuals, private organisations, public benefit organisations and government departments in realising adequate housing for the elderly, disabled and child-headed homes.

The solution to the housing problem is not only limited to the provision of government subsidised rental housing for lower income groups or bond subsidies for middle income groups, but the introduction of a complete inclusionary and national housing program in which the general public may be involved.

The prospect of living in an adequate shelter that has running tap water, proper sanitation facillties and electricity is one that restores dignity in the lives of the many.

ACHIEVED: The  Collen Mashawana Foundation has built over 260+ homes for the elderly, child-headed homes  & those living with disabilities