The Collen Mashawana Foundation is an African-based NGO founded by Collen Mashawana, the President and founder of Afribiz Invest.



There are currently 3.7 million AIDS orphans in South Africa (National Action Plan 2009-2012). The National Action Plan for Orphans and other children Made Vulnerable by HIV and AIDS (NACCA): 2009-2012 indicates that the proportion of children in South Africa who have lost one or both their parents, has increased over a period of 5 years (2002-2006) from 17% to 21% of all children.

Further, it is estimated that 42% of boys and 43% of girls in South Africa will suffer some form of abuse before the age of 18 (Ciet Africa, 2002). The combined impact of HIV/AIDS, poverty, the absence of fathers in many children’s lives, and child abuse, neglect and exploitation is likely to have a devastating effect on children’s quality of life and future communities.


Providing specialised non-sectarian And non-racial help for ORPHANED children.

The Collen Mashawana Foundation supports programs, research and monitoring to help eliminate barriers to adoption, whilst nurturing the development of our youth. We have committed to adopting 10 boys from the centre. Adopting the 10 boys means we will be active in ensuring their personal wellbeing, with the prospect of raising successful individuals who will make a meaningful and positive impact on our nation.


Our aim for the Walter Sisulu Child and Youth Centre was to develop a programme for funding organizations that are dedicated to looking out for the welfare of abandoned children and orphans. Working with such organisations has allowed the Collen Mashawana Foundation opportunities at assisting children by providing health and educational opportunities, stable housing and adoption services.